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Director’s message

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.

Hello my lovely students.

I started my teaching career with the dream of giving my best to my students. And in this journey my MBBS knowledge helped me a lot to give my students true knowledge which was far beyond the rot learning. I always had this thing in my mind that if I could make them imagine any concept by showing them any prototype or by telling them any anecdote or real life experience they will never forget. I applied the same thing in my pedagogy and it gave me amazing results. Till now I am amused by my students’ performance and their feedbacks.

Today I am very glad to present you my new venture with the determination of one stop solution for all the medical entrance exams. A team with the experts of their area which will not only guide you academically but also help you to sail through this journey by providing you their intellectual support as well. I still believe in quality education and giving you a quality education is my greatest obligation to you. And to ensure this obligation my team is with you. So dear students work hard from your side to complete this journey and we will left no stone unturned to make a smooth path for you.

All the best.

About Us

We firmly believe the success of students depend on the competency and attitude of the faculty apart from student’s hard work. And we at Dr Dileep Gangwar Institute determined to provide you the best of best faculty as our new team which is not only most competent and well experienced but also self-driven by the excellence. Every teacher in our team is the pioneer in his area and has achieved zenith in his subject.

Here we believe in teaching as a inclusive practice of a teacher and students. Our expert faculty will help students to understand any topic in multidimensional and in comprehensive way. So that in exam our student perform best irrespective of difficulty level of paper and sail through it with flying colours.

Best Quality Teaching Approach

Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute provides a standardized education delivery system that ensures perfect and consistent coaching. our teaching methodology is so better and unique and holistic that it only produces not only excellent classroom discussions but also provides the best quality study material and test paper. Each and every lecture is fully planned by teachers to make sure that the content is delivered, standardized and completed in a stipulated time. The concept at Dr. Dileep Gangwar Institute is not only a test for NEET/AIIMS entrance exams but also for any medical entrance exam. All effort has been made to the students and career.

How To Teach

We believe that our team is of high quality education and keeps knowledge of the topic related to medical examinations in a good way. DGI is designed to enhance full concepts with the overall preparation of the students, in which they are made aware of the modern methods of learning and the competitive environment, whose purpose is to help them perform under pressure. These programs help not only prepare students for various teaching methods adopted by various entrance exams such as NEET, AIIMS MBBS entrance exam, JIPMER, DGI, which focus on the conceptual knowledge base and application-based questions.

Practice Assignment

Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute has provided a set of problems (questions) at the end of each subject with the help of experienced teachers. It happens on a regular basis. The work of Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute ensures that the students concentrate on the most important questions rather than solving the extravagant questions. these assignments help to increase the concentration in the study and test scores

Well-Qualified And Experienced Faculty

Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute is an experienced and highly qualified teacher. Which will clear all your doubts? Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute teachers teach you with the basic concept and the simplest method so that you can solve the paper on timely in the Examination Hall.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Guardian and teacher meetings are an integral part of our education . We often invite parents to meet The concerned teachers of his ward understand his performance closely. It is that parents can meet teachers directly and learn about the weak areas of their child.

Are you looking for a great career as a Coaching?

About Biology Faculty

Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute has one of the most talented and dedicated team of teachers of biology inKanpur.they areNot only an academic teacher but also doctors who can explain the biology professionally to the students. they have higher levels of ethical and moral values. so that they can play the role of the best teacher. Now learning of biology is easy because now the best teacher in our coaching.

biology Faculty
  • Dr.dileep gangwar sir
  • Dr.Keshav katiyar sir
  • Mr.Yogendra sir
  • Dr.Rakesh Chaurisiya sir


About Physics Faculty

Dr.Dileep Gangwar Institute has some of the most talented and dedicated teachers in the Kanpur who come from the best institutions around the India. Not only theyare academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, that is why they play thebest role of a teacher .

physics faculty
  • Mr.Rohit Awasthi Sir
  • Mr.Mushir Zaidi Sir
  • Mr.Wasim Khan sir
  • Mr.Vinod dixit sir
  • Er.Naveen Dixit sir
  • Er.Abhishek Divoliya sir

About Chemistry Faculty

Dr.Dileep Gangwar institute has some of the most talented and dedicated team of teachers of chemistry the Kanpur who come also from the best institutions around India.They are Not only the best of academic and professional, but they are also highly qualified and experienced so that they can play the role of the best teacher. So Now chemistry is easy to learn in Dr.Dileepgangwar institute.

Chemistry faculty
  • Mr.Govind Tiwari Sir
  • Mr.Sanjeev Bhatiya Sir
  • Mr.Amreesh shrivastav Sir
  • Mr.Vijay Shukla Sir
  • Mr.Ashutosh dubey Sir
  • Er.Vijay Bhadur Sir

Why Choose DGI?

Our Facility


Digital Attendance

We take student's attendance daily basis with digital card. And send the report to the parent if student not coming in 3d days

online test

Online& Offline Test Series

provide students an innovative test preparation framework to prepare for Pre-Medical (AIPMT/AIIMS), It contains tests which are carefully created by our expert faculty to enhance and sharpen the preparation of students for actual exam


Hostel Facility

Hostel is another home for the students. The institute provides individual room with best facility for students with separate areas of residence for Girls And Boys


Van services

weprovide van services for student Pickup & Drop Services in Kanpur to To save the precious time of the student.


Timely Courses Completing

Completing the course timely. So that students revise all subjects before exam .

AC Class Room

AC class room

our classrooms are equipped with AC ,audio visual digital facilities.Which is better for students in terms of studies

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